Welcome to That Part Affirmations!

This is a blacked owned business started in 2022 by Patrick LeShore Todd. He built the brand based on being passionate about the power of self-love and care, and is committed to spreading this message far and wide. Our mission is not only to raise awareness for mental health but also to inspire individuals to embrace their inner strength and beauty.

We understand that feeling good in your own skin is closely tied to feeling good about yourself. That's why we offer a collection of comfortable and stylish clothing designed to uplift and empower you. We believe that when you look good, you feel good, and this positive energy radiates from within.

"The idea of the company came from my self love journey after a hard break up. I got deep into affirmations and really putting the pieces of me back together. My favorite Phrase is "That Part" and a friend told me one day "you should put it on a shirt" and from there I decided to create a brand based on affirmations using my favorite phrase. "That Part" will be form of uplifting and spreading love around the world and thats the reason I do what I do."

- Patrick LeShore